The Best App for Superintendent’s and Project Manager’s

  Snappii’s Construction Daily Log was one of Snappii’s first apps, premiering in the app store in around 2012. Since then, platform has been changed again and again, raising the ceiling on our capabilities within […]


Small Inspection Companies for Big Construction Projects

Technology can be scary. And I know that. While I was in college, I worked at a retail store that sold computers to customers day in and day out. I would often get approached by […]


Benefits of Drones for Construction

The Construction industry is, without a doubt, the biggest industry in the United States by a long-shot. However, although the industry is valued at $8.5 trillion, many might be thrown off by lack of efficiency […]


National Safety Month – How to Improve Your Business

Not many apps out there can save a life. Even less of those apps make it as easy to do as we do. For years, Snappii has developed Safety Inspection apps for nearly every industry. […]


Peace of Mind With Apps

Construction workers have, for a long time, been deemed high-risk workers due to the conditions of the environment that they spend the majority of their time in. With the average construction worker working around 9-hours […]


Scaffolding Inspection In a Snap

  While the construction industry doesn’t have many accidents a year, I thought it would be interesting to check out where the accidents actually do occur. From the onlooker, it’s easy to assume tha the […]


Get Your Team Up to Speed Instantly

Creating software for a company is difficult. A lot of people all knocking their heads together for months to create a solution that’s actually useful and not just pretty – and it can get expensive. […]


3 Reasons Why Everyone on the Team Needs an App

Construction is coordinating an orchestra with heavy machinery. It’s not uncommon that a single job can take many different contractors to complete. The person that works on the electricity often doesn’t know how the plumbing […]


Think Faster with a Construction App

Construction apps can offer many benefits to a firm. Push Notifications, for example, notify your users in an effective, almost impossible to ignore way. In a report conducted in 2016 by SurveyRadar, they proved that […]


Kick-Start Your Construction Business With An App

There’s a lot of moving parts within the construction industry. Unless you track down the movement of each of those parts, you’re going to get overwhelmed and lose track easily. This isn’t a secret though. […]

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