How to Convince Your Subcontractor to Use Technology

  As a general contractor, the benefits of working on digital equipment come naturally to you. Your team has figured it out, and your secretaries can’t thank you enough for the time saved on the […]


Track Your Construction Projects Like A Pro

For construction, documents are everything. With the advent of technology being further integrated into the construction industry, it’s important to document not only all the safety regulations, procedures and actions that must take place, but […]


4 Inventions Every Construction Worker Needs

    The construction industry is coming up with new innovations everyday. Some could consider it a technology playground, with tools to solve almost any problem one could have. Construction workers use machinery that could […]


Construction Is Making The Switch To Digital

  Software has found it’s way to the work site. Ten years ago, that statement would have been a joke. Workers were still marching out onto the field holding their giant blueprints, and unreal amounts […]


How to convert your team to a digital solution

Buying software for your company can be a headache. If there aren’t ready-made solutions out there, developing software is often out of the pockets reach, and even more so if the company is pressed for […]


5 Must-Have Apps for Each Construction Business

There’s a lot of construction apps floating around the market. Each constructor owner, superintendent or project manager needs special tools for daily reporting, inspections and inventories, construction calculators, blueprints and more. Sometimes, it’s not easy […]


Analytics of big data in construction companies

Data analytics are widely used in various industries, accelerating the decision-making process, streamlining business operations, and increasing productivity, and the construction industry is no exception. Construction companies are using big data to perform a wide […]


Streamline Construction Data with Snappii

Mobile apps for business are very popular nowadays and they are significantly changing in everyday tech processes. These apps help to work in the field, save time and increase productivity. So, it`s not a nonses […]


Construction Today

Construction business processes differ from any other business processes. Construction specialists are always on the go or in the field and it`s hard for them to finish the work in time at the office. Despite […]


Positive Impact of Mobile Tech on the Construction Industry

The role of mobile technology in construction industry became very significant in past couple of years. According to the ResearchGate study, mobile technology has a significantly positive impact on the construction industry. This research examined […]

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