Construction App of The Week

Nowadays it`s impossible to imagine any business without solutions. The owners try to find the best one and implement it during the working process. The construction industry isn`t an exclusion. There is a lot of […]


5 Steps of Custom App Development for Construction

Kevin Benedict, the Senior Analyst for Digital Transformation at Cognizant claims that “Companies are under tremendous pressure to develop and deploy mobile apps for their business systems, yet the traditional approach to mobile app development […]


How Construction Mobile Apps Save Businesses Time and Money

Construction industry is one of the first industries that started implementing mobile technologies to its business process. Data collection, analysis, delivery and storage form a cycle that is needed for successful business workflow. It is […]


How to Build a Skyscraper

Not many people know how to build a skyscraper.  The design and construction of skyscrapers involves creating safe, habitable spaces in very tall buildings. The buildings must support their weight, resist wind and earthquakes, and […]


No Coding Mobile Business Apps’ Role in Construction Process

 No coding mobile apps are very popular nowadays. Some large companies are investing huge sums of money in products such as SAP, but this can take years to deploy. At the same time there is […]


5 reasons to use mobile forms in construction industry

The time to start using mobile forms in construction industry is here. You have an excellent opportunity to mobilize your business right now and have all your construction processes run on your smartphone or tablet. It significantly increases profits […]


What Do Construction Mobile Apps Cost?

All industries are starting to recognize the value of advanced mobile technologies, and the construction industry is at the forefront of integrating mobile applications into their daily activities. Indeed, mobile technology can improve all aspects […]


Construction Mobile App Activities

The most part of construction owners use mobile business apps in their daily work activity. These apps help to increase business productivity, save money and time, eliminate paperwork, etc. But what are the main features […]


Construction Mobile Trends

There is a rapid development of high technology all over the world nowadays. In this modern age of technology, society has immediate access to information and experiences. In the construction industry, business management software has […]


Construction Projects Tracking

When the customer is regular, you feel more responsibility about him, then when it is someone you have never seen before. But anyway, you need to make good decisions very fast. There exist some ideas […]

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