What Do Construction Mobile Apps Cost?

All industries are starting to recognize the value of advanced mobile technologies, and the construction industry is at the forefront of integrating mobile applications into their daily activities. Indeed, mobile technology can improve all aspects […]


Construction Mobile App Activities

The most part of construction owners use mobile business apps in their daily work activity. These apps help to increase business productivity, save money and time, eliminate paperwork, etc. But what are the main features […]


Construction Mobile Trends

There is a rapid development of high technology all over the world nowadays. In this modern age of technology, society has immediate access to information and experiences. In the construction industry, business management software has […]


Construction Projects Tracking

When the customer is regular, you feel more responsibility about him, then when it is someone you have never seen before. But anyway, you need to make good decisions very fast. There exist some ideas […]


Using Smartphones and Tablets during Construction Processes (infographic)

The owners of construction business truly understand the benefits of using smartphones and tablets during construction processes. One of them is reducing reliance on paper and manual work. The average cost of paper per employee […]


How Tablets Transform Construction

Every construction process has several structure branches: first of all the owner decides what and where to build, so he goes hire an architect. Architect, in his turn hires a bunch of engineers and all […]


Time Tracker for Construction Industry

You own a construction business and your electrical, plumbing, painting, and roofing crews are all over town at multiple sites performing various jobs. How do you communicate with and keep track of these employees that […]


Top 6 Best Mobile Apps for Construction Industry

Houses, apartments, factories, offices, schools, roads, and bridges are only some of the products of the construction industry. This industry’s activities include work on new structures as well as additions, alterations, and repairs to existing […]


Mobile Technology in Construction Industry

Every business industry nowadays has big data to analyze. This helps companies to manage and analyze their businesses with vast amounts of data at ultrafast speeds, and obtain valuable insights that can improve their decision-making […]


The Best Mobile Solution for Construction Projects

There is a big question nowadays how to choose the best mobile solution for construction projects. Construction takes place far from the office. It can be difficult to keep track of construction teams, progress, equipment […]

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