National Safety Month – How to Improve Your Business

National Safety Month – How to Improve Your Business

Not many apps out there can save a life. Even less of those apps make it as easy to do as we do. For years, Snappii has developed Safety Inspection apps for nearly every industry. We started in Construction, then worked our way around the whole board, creating apps for industries we didn’t even know existed when we started our journey.


Because of that, we’ve seen a lot of ideas floating around about which is the best app for so-and-so. On an even larger scale, our own customers have communicated with us where the fault in a lot of the more popular apps are. Using this information, Snappii set out to create template apps.


It may seem suspicious. How exactly does an app help to keep people safe? Believe it or not, many firms still use the age-old pen and paper to record their information. Often times this information can be recorded incorrectly, damaged or even lost. What’s more, keeping all of that paper creates an enormous burden of where to store that paper. In the event you ever need to refer to one of those documents again, you’ll have to search through cabinets and cabinets of information that you’ll mostly never use again.


A safety app can help alleviate the process of writing things down. The digital environment that the app exist on allows the user to do nifty things, like record your voice so that you never have to press a single key to type. You can take pictures of problem areas, and draw on those pictures to point them out. If you want to stay away from all the flashy features, you can utilize a series of drop-down menus and radio buttons to create a form that will take your inspectors, at most, a few minutes.


With Snappii, there’s infinite possibilities with what you can do with your apps. The platform that we use to create apps is extremely robust – even if we don’t already have the feature you’re looking for, there’s a good chance our in-house developers will be able to make it for you. For more information about the Snappii Platform, check out the main website here.


With that said, Snappii still gave birth to some apps that are well-known in the inspection world. The great part about these apps is that our platform allows you to copy the app entirely, and then customize it to fit your needs.


Inspect Anything

Inspect Anything is great for a few reasons. First, it allows you to get a good idea of how forms work on the Snappii platform. It’s generic enough that it can fit many cases, but still leaves room for the user to input any data that they can’t find a field for.

Second, as a template, the inspect anything app is one of our most popular. Users tend to start with it, go into the platform themselves and tweak a few things, and before long they have a fully functioning app that is completely catered to their business.


Afraid the platform might be difficult? It actually requires no coding to operate. We tried to keep the interface as visual as possible, so that even the layman will be able to go in and create  whatever is on their mind.

Construction Photos App


My other favorite is a pretty recent addition to the family. The Construction Photo app is also malleable, and can work for many more situations than the name implies. It works similar to the Inspect Anything app, but without being in the confines of a form. Take pictures of projects, and save them by the project to have small portfolios of photos to reference whenever the team needs it. It supports multiple users as well, and when one member does something, the whole team will be notified.


Out of the box, the app does not take much tinkering before it becomes a vital asset to your business. As it’s still relatively new, we’re open to suggestions, and we invite anyone who thinks they can have a use for the app to try it out. It might surprise you.


We hope that National Safety Month went well for everyone, but we also hope that people stay safe all year long, not just in June. There’s been a decline in work related injuries and disease, but that doesn’t mean that we should settle. There’s always room for improvement, and Snappii is here to guide you the right way.

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