Positive Impact of Mobile Tech on the Construction Industry

Positive Impact of Mobile Tech on the Construction Industry

The role of mobile technology in construction industry became very significant in past couple of years. According to the ResearchGate study, mobile technology has a significantly positive impact on the construction industry. This research examined the role of mobile technologies in improving the communication support for the construction industry so to increase efficiency and productivity in the construction process.

Construction projects usually operate on very tight time schedules with huge amounts of structured and un-structured information exchanges taking place among various parties. Some of the information communicated during construction activities consists of purchasing details of equipment and building material, budget and approvals, digital drawings and construction plans, e-mails and other business documents. A successful project completion requires a coordinated effort among construction workers, supervisors, architects, managers and even with external parties in the communication process.

Communication tools available onsite to a contractor vary depending on the size of the project. Currently, the commonly used technology tools for remote collaboration are: facsimile, mobile phone, e-mail. Larger construction sites typically have a site office with computer, telephone and fax machine. Financially, the fax machine was not seen as prohibitive, but its need for a fixed landline is considered as a major constraint. E-mail is becoming an increasingly popular method of communication, especially among architects and managers.

The possible and the best solution is mobile technology, cause it could address this constraint with regarding to collaborating with available technologies anywhere and anytime as it could possibly be designed to communicate with remote facsimile machines and tap on existing e-mail and internet computing facilities.

Construction mobile apps include the ability of loading existing forms right in your device, capturing digital signatures, pictures and photos, qr and bar codes, GPS, maps and more. Mobile business apps allow its users to edit, save, share and print reports with the help of one button click.   It is the best solution nowadays for all construction activities.

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