Some More Facts About Mobile In Construction

Some More Facts About Mobile In Construction

Mobile business apps today are available for the businesses of any size. Thanks to this, constructors eliminate costs and internal resources, and concentrate only on workforce increasing. Custom mobile app development helps to implement the cloud and do-it-yourself app builder tools due to the benefits and simplicity in use. Despite this, a lot of small and mid-sized companies don`t have enough budget to undertake new innovative IT-projects and still use paper or excel forms. But even in this field the shift towards mobile technology is happening, and some processes in construction industry are already ready to make an easy conversion.

There are some more facts about construction:

One of the main construction processes is site inspection. More and more construction specialists are ready to get day-to-day business processes on their mobile devices. When it comes to specific tasks construction businesses are using mobile apps not only for general construction, but also for heavy & civil engineering, bridge and road construction, specialty trades, residential and commercial construction, equipment inspection and more.

For the managers of site-inspections, paper forms introduce several vulnerabilities and inefficiencies. For example, workers can report the inspection of a site they never visited or repeat the filled information from time to time. Moreover, paper forms can be damaged or lost or even fired.  With paper, it can be hard to verify that a safety inspection occurred at the appropriate time and place. And if there is a safety issue, it could take hours or days to get the information to the right person.

Date and time stamps are also taking place in construction mobile forms. You can simply capture GPS locations, photos and images, digital signatures, bar and qr codes scanners with the help of one button click. There is also an ability to work online and offline, edit, save and share mobile forms on multiple mobile devices anytime from anywhere.

Cloud-based mobile apps provide greater visibility into workforce productivity in several ways. It also allows saving time and money, avoiding accidents, eliminating paper forms and going green.

Snappii, a codeless rapid mobile business app development platform, offers series of apps for the construction industry. See for yourself the above mentioned trends and benefits with Snappii’s mobile construction apps. New functions represented by Snappii’s mobile business apps now promise to accelerate the mobilization of construction processes and reap all its benefits. For example, new Construction Change Order app, which is designed for employees working in the construction industry to create quick construction change order requests and provide them to selected supervisors for reviews, offers the following features:

– make construction changes orders on the go

– save collected orders on a device

– track order statuses

– remake orders on demand

– make specific calculations

– share PDF files

– add supervisors and more.

 Please see our apps page. If you have certain requests, we can customize any app for 100% of your needs.

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