The Best App for Superintendent’s and Project Manager’s

The Best App for Superintendent’s and Project Manager’s


Snappii’s Construction Daily Log was one of Snappii’s first apps, premiering in the app store in around 2012. Since then, platform has been changed again and again, raising the ceiling on our capabilities within the apps we had created. We continued to improve upon our original idea of the Construction Daily Log while barring in mind one our users were saying about their experience. We’re now convinced this is the most complete product we’ve ever put out on the market, and implore you to check out the different reasons why you should try it out:

No matter the project, Superintendent’s and Project managers mostly have to record the same information when creating logs for the day. Because this information is static across most businesses, Snappii was able to create a generic form that allows any construction worker to check and review their tasks on a daily basis.

To access this, Snappii utilizes the power of their mobile app platform to create apps centered around sending and retrieving information. Using a businesses current daily logs, Snappii can create a mobile form that can work to gather information. Sending the form will still retain the original look of the form, which is crucial in terms of ease of use.

What Else Can Switching to an App Do for Me?

There’s also another benefit to doing things digitally. In the Construction world, paper is a constant thorn in the foot with its unreliability, its fragility as well as the space it consumes. Looking for a paper document usually means one has to go through every filing cabinet in the office. Inaccurate data is also much more likely due to messy handwriting.

Because apps are digital, information will be kept on a cloud database that can be accessed at any time. A user would be able to look a form up by date or name rather than having to sift through folders back in the office.

While the apps are all originally accessed through their phone, they can also be accessed on a desktop computer. All devices are updated simultaneously, provided they have access to the internet, so you can rest-assured that absolutely every member of the team is up-to-date.

If you’re worried that creating an app like this would be expensive, don’t be. Snappii has already made a free version of it that can be found in the Android and iOS store. If you want to customize anything within the app, reach out to us at and we’ll be able to provide a quote.


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