5 Must-Have Apps for Each Construction Business

5 Must-Have Apps for Each Construction Business

There’s a lot of construction apps floating around the market. Each constructor owner, superintendent or project manager needs special tools for daily reporting, inspections and inventories, construction calculators, blueprints and more. Sometimes, it’s not easy finding the perfect solution that you’ve been working for. Because of this, some cases involve construction corporations and companies hiring IT developers to create a special tool for the needs of company. This usually leads to high cost and even higher wait times.

 Snappii is a mobile app development company that has 400+ ready solutions for more than 30 business industries. All the mobile apps were specifically developed to meet industry needs. The apps are available on both iOS and Android devices. There are two options available at Snappii: The user can choose from ready-made apps or request the app to be customized from scratch. It doesn`t take long and you’d be surprised at how affordable it is.

 Construction continues to be one of the most prospective industries in the United States. So here are the top 5 construction mobile apps that will help you to deal with your everyday routine:

Construction Daily Log App

 This app is designed to track daily progress on job sites so that contractors, subcontractors and owners can deliver projects ON TIME and ON BUDGET. This app is used by tens of thousands of construction companies around the world. It is the only Daily Log App that can be configured to match 100% of your company’s specific needs. Construction Daily Log continues to work offline and automatically synchs when the internet is present.

The app includes contractor details, site information, work performed, subcontractor progress, issues and punch lists, reasons for delays, additional work or change requests, materials purchased and received, labor and travel hours and more. The app captures weather conditions, locations, date and time, amount of labor performed and other field related information anytime, from anywhere.

Construction Manager App

The Construction Manager is designed to ensure the accurate and regular flow of information, such as maintenance logs and daily reports, project estimates and timesheets between company headquarters and construction sites.

Don’t waste your time on paperwork and join the thousands of construction professionals who are using this smart app! It can be customized from top to bottom to meet your company needs. Job Estimator and Weekly Timesheets forms allow contractors, service companies, salespeople and estimators to quickly create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects. Quantifying materials, labor, equipment needed and, estimating time tracking are all critical for construction reporting.

Daily Report and Maintenance Log forms help construction workers to record all of the day’s important events resulting in a uniform, complete record of the project. And the convenient record keeping option included in the app leads to a better project organization, better understanding of the costs and fewer hassles over disputed changes.

Construction Timesheets App

Another must-have app for any construction professional trying manage their employees work time quickly and easily.

Construction timesheets app uses digital forms to collect timesheets. The forms are equipped with powerful calculators, capture dates and signatures. All the collected data can be stored on devices and then be emailed via PDF/Excel if required.

Construction timesheets have never been so easy to fill out, store and share.

Construction Change Order App

This App was specifically designed for employees working in the construction industry to create quick construction change order requests and provide them to selected supervisors for reviews. The app allows users to instantly fill in specific details including information about labor, equipment, parts, construction sites, date and timestamps, upload PDF documents, take pictures, perform specific calculations etc. The app can be fully customized by Snappii.

Heavy Equipment Inventory App

There is finally an app to keep an accurate inventory for yourself quickly and easily. Don’t waste your time on paperwork and join the thousands of equipment inventory professionals who use this efficient app! It can be customized front-to-back to fit your company’s needs.

All these apps can be fully customized to meet any business needs. Moreover, mobile business apps for construction can easily capture GPS locations, maps, tracking information, dates and times, weather conditions, digital signatures, photos, audio, video, QR and bar codes, notes, and more. It`s the only solution that’s ready for any construction process.

Download and start using any of these apps today and be the first in your industry tomorrow!

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