The Best App for Superintendent’s and Project Manager’s

  Snappii’s Construction Daily Log was one of Snappii’s first apps, premiering in the app store in around 2012. Since then, platform has been changed again and again, raising the ceiling on our capabilities within […]


Small Inspection Companies for Big Construction Projects

Technology can be scary. And I know that. While I was in college, I worked at a retail store that sold computers to customers day in and day out. I would often get approached by […]


National Safety Month – How to Improve Your Business

Not many apps out there can save a life. Even less of those apps make it as easy to do as we do. For years, Snappii has developed Safety Inspection apps for nearly every industry. […]


Scaffolding Inspection In a Snap

  While the construction industry doesn’t have many accidents a year, I thought it would be interesting to check out where the accidents actually do occur. From the onlooker, it’s easy to assume tha the […]


4 Inventions Every Construction Worker Needs

    The construction industry is coming up with new innovations everyday. Some could consider it a technology playground, with tools to solve almost any problem one could have. Construction workers use machinery that could […]


Construction Is Making The Switch To Digital

  Software has found it’s way to the work site. Ten years ago, that statement would have been a joke. Workers were still marching out onto the field holding their giant blueprints, and unreal amounts […]


5 Must-Have Apps for Each Construction Business

There’s a lot of construction apps floating around the market. Each constructor owner, superintendent or project manager needs special tools for daily reporting, inspections and inventories, construction calculators, blueprints and more. Sometimes, it’s not easy […]


Analytics of big data in construction companies

Data analytics are widely used in various industries, accelerating the decision-making process, streamlining business operations, and increasing productivity, and the construction industry is no exception. Construction companies are using big data to perform a wide […]


Streamline Construction Data with Snappii

Mobile apps for business are very popular nowadays and they are significantly changing in everyday tech processes. These apps help to work in the field, save time and increase productivity. So, it`s not a nonses […]


Construction Today

Construction business processes differ from any other business processes. Construction specialists are always on the go or in the field and it`s hard for them to finish the work in time at the office. Despite […]

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