Construction Today

Construction Today

Construction business processes differ from any other business processes. Construction specialists are always on the go or in the field and it`s hard for them to finish the work in time at the office. Despite this, construction business processes must be quick and effective.

It`s hard to do business management on the go, especially when it comes to receiving accurate reimbursements and maximizing tax deductions.

“We are always moving around, and I don’t have time to file things and keep things organized,” says James Bulbrook, a construction specialist in North Carolina with over eight years of experience in the trade.

Construction processes are very important to be on the go and construction business solutions need to be mobile, to get and send invoices, reports, orders and bills anytime from anywhere. For contractors, it’s crucial to be efficient on site and on the move, since days spent in the office are days they aren’t making any money. Finding mobile solutions to manage paperwork and track expenses allows contractors to focus on doing good work and growing their businesses.

“What I used to do was save all of my receipts after a week or so, then capture a photo and email all of it to myself. After that, I’d save it into an inbox, and when I got to my desk I would file it to my dropbox,” says Bulbrook.

Snappii is an ideal mobile solution for construction business. With Snappii`s construction mobile apps users will be able to:

  • Make construction project estimates quantifying materials, labor, and equipment
  • Track work times, projects, and occasions with a mobile timesheets form
  • Update and track project progress on daily basis with the daily reports forms
  • Record day’s important events
  • Keep daily reports and maintenance log recorded within the construction apps
  • Calculate a room size and send an estimate to a client
  • Calculate the amount of paint and the volume of concrete needed for construction works
  • Create your own contact list and make emergency calls when needed
  • Retrieve PDF forms of the estimates, timesheets, maintenance logs and daily reports and share them via email, network drives and other sharing options available on device and more

Choose Snappii`s  ready-made mobile solution for construction industry or customize it to meet your specific business needs right now. All you need is to contact and place the list of requirements.

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