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Product Description

Construction Daily Log mobile app is designed to track daily progress on job sites so that contractors, subcontractors and owners can deliver projects ON TIME and ON BUDGET. This #1 App is used by tens of thousands of construction companies around the world. It is the only Daily Log App that can be configured to match 100% of your company’s specific needs. Construction Daily Log continues to work offline and automatically synchs when the internet is present.

The app includes contractor details, site information, work performed, subcontractor progress, issues and punch lists, reasons for delays, additional work or change requests, materials purchased and received, labor and travel hours and more. The app captures weather conditions, locations, date and time, amount of labor performed and other field related information anytime from anywhere.

As a Project Manage or owner you can:

  • Add your superintendents list
  • Create projects and assign them to your superintendents
  • Check received and missed reports
  • Track daily work progress and issues
  • Quickly understand project status in an easy to use Dashboard

As a Superintendent you can:

  • Create daily reports
  • Type in or dictate (voice to text) information on the go
  • Retrieve daily logs, print and share them
  • Assign Tasks
  • Update and track logs on daily basis

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